IRS Links

 Resource      Comment Home Page  Starting point for official IRS resources
 VITA /TCE Tax Alerts Tax Alerts issued by IRS for VITA/TCE sites through the tax year. These alerts should be made known to all volunteers and are required to be be made available at all sites.
 IRS Interactive Tax Assistant  The ITA tool is a tax law resource that takes you through a series of questions and provides you with responses to tax law questions.
 IRS Forms and Pubs  Frequently downloaded forms & Pubs
 Pub 17  Authoritative IRS publication for Individual Tax returns.
 Form 1040 Instructions Individual Income Tax Return Instructions.
 Pub 4012  VITA/TCE Volunteer Resource Guide
 Pub 4299 Privacy, Confidentiality, and Civil Rights - A Public Trust
 Pub 4491  VITA/TCE Student Training Guide
 Pub 4491X  VITA/TCE Training Supplement
 Pub 4942 VITA/TCE HSA Test/Retest
 Pub 4961 VITA/TCE Volunteer Standards of Conduct - Ethics Training and Test
 Pub 5101 Intake/Interview and Quality Review Training
 Pub 6744 VITA/TCE Volunteer Assistor’s Test/Retest