Site Management

This page lists essential documents which can be used in everyday site functions.

 Counselor Essentials Comments
 TaxSlayer From Preparer to ERO Flow Short (6 page) guide on the process of transferring a return from Preparer to Quality Reviewer to the Transmission queue for the ERO

 NJ Checklist for TaxSlayer
 NJ Checklist for TaxSlayer Job Aid 
 TP4F Form to record NJ items during interview & preparation. One should be filled out for every return. 
 Job Aid is a document detailing where and what to enter every entry on the NJ Checklist.

 NJ-HCC SRP Worksheet (TP4F)
NJ SRP Exemption Menu
 TP4F Worksheet to enter into TSO Health Insurance and exemption information if the TP does not have year-round insurance.
 Link to NJ Treasury's Exemption Menu to request any applicable exemption code. Must be filled out on behalf of TP.

 NJ Special Handling Topics TP4F guide for NJ specific TaxSlayer techniques. Print and have available for ready reference.

 NJ Resident with NY Income
 NJ Resident with PA Income

 TP4F guide for NJ Residents with NY and/or PA income. Note that Part-Time NJ residents is Out of Scope.
 Amended Return Guide for TY 2019
 Federal 1040-X TSO Screens
 NJ 1040-X TSO Screens

 TP4F guide on how to prepare Federal and NJ State amended returns using TY2019 TSO
 Handout received on set-up day. Detail procedures for production sign-in and username/password recovery.
  Instruction for Paper Filing 

  In case a return cannot be Efiled, this document details instructions on how to prepare a return for paper filing for Federal and New Jersey.

 ERO Essentials  Comments
 ERO Transmitter Guide 
 4-Page PDF document outlining the process for transmitting e Files to the IRS and working with Acknowledgments and Reports.

 Adding a New Preparer 2-Page PDF document detailing the process of adding a new preparer to a site.

 Site Management Essentials Comments
 IRS Pub 17 Authoritative IRS publication for Individual Tax returns. Must be available at each site. 

 IRS Pub 4299 Privacy, Confidentiality, and Civil Rights – A Public Trust. Publication required per Quality Site Requirement #4 – Reference Materials

 VITA /TCE Tax Alerts Tax Alerts issued by IRS for VITA/TCE sites through the tax year. These alerts should be made known to all volunteers and are required to be be made available at all sites.

 Publications Comments
 IRS Pub 1084

 IRS Site Coordinator's Handbook