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AARP Volunteer Portal
  AARP's Volunteer Portal - Available to all certified volunteers, login required. Place for program  materials, reimbursements and document libraries. = Link to AARP Volunteer Portal. Click this icon and enter Keyword(s) in the Portal's Search box to fine the document described.
Note: Per National Directive, direct links to portal files have been disallowed. The given keywords will display a list of documents within the portal.

 The following are some essential Volunteer Portal "Tip Sheets". 

Portal Tip Sheets   Comments
 Keywords: Accessing the Portal
   Creating an Account
   Responding to an Invitation 

   Logging into the Portal

  When a volunteer is officially accepted into the TaxAide program (i,e., passes the IRS Certification test for the first time), the volunteer will receive via e-mail, an invitation to access the Volunteer Portal. The e-mail directs the volunteer to access the portal via the volunteer's account (create one if new to AARP) and how to log on for the first time.

 KeyWords: The Portal Screen
   Intro to Portal Screens for CF COU ERO
   Intro to Portal Screens for LC DC TC
 After the initial Login, the Portal Home page will be different for leaders (LC, DC, TC) than non-leaders (CF,COU, ERO).  These tip sheets will explain what to expect and what to do when you first access the portal.
 Maintaining your Account
 Keyword: VP01 Change your password
VP01 Update your email
 Keywords: VP02 Contact Record

 Each volunteer is responsible keeping personal information current.  AARP uses the volunteer's contact information for email notifications and the shipping of training/reference materials. If not maintained, these communications and materials will be "lost in the mail". 
These tip sheets detail the procedures to follow to change the volunteer's password, email. mailing address, telephone numbers and Direct Deposit information (for reimbursements).
 Keyword: Reimbursements
 Reimbursement Overview
 Submit a Flat Rate Reimbursement
 Submit an Itemized Reimbursement

 Complete And Submit Flat Rate Mass Approval
 At the end of each tax season, all who have volunteered a minimum of 40 hours for the season are eligible to receive either a flat-rate reimbursement or itemized reimbursement (for mileage only).  These tip sheets detail the procedures to follow to request a reimbursement and how to mass approve flat rate requests (LC's).

 Other AARP Tax-Aide Resources  Comment
 Keywords: Scope Manual
 In and Out of Scope manual issued by AARP
 VITA /TCE Tax Alerts 

 Tax Alerts issued by IRS for VITA/TCE sites through the tax year. These alerts should be made known to all volunteers and are required to be be make available at all sites.