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Chromebook Videos

 What are Chromebooks?
 What are Chromebooks (0:50)   Watch this video to learn more about Chromebooks and what they can offer you.
 How to use your Chromebook Touchpad (0:49)  Watch this video to learn how to right click, scroll and use Chromebook touchpad shortcuts.
 Chromebook Keyboard Tips and Tricks (0:52)   Watch this video to learn how to use your Chromebook keyboard shortcuts
 Chromebook Myths (0:52)   Watch this video to debunk the top Chromebook myths.
 Sharing your Chromebook (0:43)   Watch this video to learn how you can share your Chromebook with others.
 Chromebook Accessibility Features 
 Intro to Chrome OS Accessibility Videos (1:37)  How to customize your settings to make the experience more accessible and usable for you.
 Making your Chromebook Easier to See (5:36) Learn about the variety of accessibility features that can help make your Chromebook easier to see.
 Chromebooks by Keyboard: Navigating the Chrome OS Interface (6:51)  Learn about how to navigate key parts of the Chrome OS interface using just the keyboard.
 Chromebooks by Keyboard: Browsing Tabs and Links (4:09) Learn about how to open and navigate tabs and windows using only your Chromebook keyboard. 
 Chromebooks by Keyboard: Chrome Menu Options and Shortcuts (2:50) Learn about how to access and navigate the Chrome menu using just the Chromebook keyboard. 
 Chromebooks by Keyboard: Searching and the Address Bar (3:12) Learn about how to navigate the Chrome address bar on your Chromebook using just the keyboard.
 Chromebook Mobility-Assistive Features and Functionality (7:30) Learn about various mobility-assistive features built into your Chromebook.