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 1099-G  NJ Tax Refund

 1099-G  Unemployment  Statement  Homestead Benefit  Rebate Amt

 PTR_Inquiry  Open Public Records System
(Except Ocean Cnty)

 Required data
 SSN, DOB  Unemployment  Benefits Online ID,  Password  SSN, Zip Code    SSN & Zip   Code County, Municipality, Last Name

 Retrieves previous   year's NJ state refund  EIN: 22-2481818
 NJ Department of Unemployment
 PO Box 916
 Trenton, NJ 08625
 For 2013, 14,15  Available for prev 3 Years  Block/Lot/Qualifier, Property taxes paid, Veterans/Senior Discounts

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 Aids for Return Preparation 
 NJ Special Handling Topics (TaxPrep4Free) 12/28/2018
 Tax Tips - Before Completing that Return for 2015
 Documents to Bring with you - a checklist guide for customers when making an appointment