FAM Problems

FAMiliarization problems. An introduction to preparing returns with TaxSlayer for NEW preparers.

 TY 2018 Problems are found at Taxprep4free.org 

 TY 2019 Links will be made available a week or tow after TSO 2019 with state becomes available (usually December) 
                   General Information for all FAME Problems. - All problems are based on prior year's versions authored by TaxPrep4Free
                Click here for a blank NJ Checklist Form. It is highly recommended that one is prepared for each return.
                Printed returns include Federal and NJ State
 Problem   Intake  Scenario   Other   Printed   Notes
 FAM-00 Brown  mm/dd/yy   mm/dd/yy  NJ Checklist  mm/dd/yy  mm/dd/yy  Used to introduce major TSO functions in beginner's class.
 Married w/dependents, SS,W2, INT/DIV, 1099-R, Unemployment, rent, property.
 Scenario includes step-by-step walk-thru.
 FAM-01 Anderson   mm/dd/yy    mm/dd/yy   NJ Checklist  mm/dd/yy   mm/dd/yy  Single, W2, INT, rent

 FAM-02 Conway   mm/dd/yy    mm/dd/yy   NJ Checklist  mm/dd/yy 


 Married working, W2, INT, Unemployment, rent, use tax
 FAM-03 Gallo   mm/dd/yy    mm/dd/yy  NJ Checklist  mm/dd/yy 

 mm/dd/yy  Single student dependent on parents, W2, INT
 FAM-04 McCook  mm/dd/yy   mm/dd/yy   NJ Checklist  mm/dd/yy  mm/dd/yy Married retired w/dependent, SS, 1099-R, DIV, homeowners

 FAM-05 Rosemont  mm/dd/yy   mm/dd/yy   NJ Checklist  mm/dd/yy  mm/dd/yy Married, not living with spouse, W2, Unemployment, rent

Note: Please email any and all problems or corrections for TY2019 problems to taxaidenj12@gmail.com.