FAM Problems

FAMiliarization problems. An introduction to preparing returns with TaxSlayer for NEW preparers.

 TY 2017 Problems are found at Taxprep4free.org 

 TY 2018  General Information for all FAME Problems. - All problems are based on prior year's versions authored by TaxPrep4Free
Click here for a blank NJ Checklist Form. It is highly recommended that one is prepared for each return.
States are not available at time these were published.
 Problem   Intake  Scenario   Other   Printed   Notes
 FAM-00 Brown  11/23/2018   11/23/2018   NJ Checklist 11/23/2018

 11/23/2018 Fed   Used to introduce major TSO functions in beginner's class.
 Married w/dependents, SS,W2, INT/DIV, 1099-R, Unemployment, rent, property.
 Scenario includes step-by-step walk-thru.
 FAM-01 Anderson  11/23/2018  11/23/2018  NJ Checklist 11/23/2018
 11/23/2018 Fed  Single, W2, INT, rent

 FAM-02 Conway  11/23/2018  11/23/2018  NJ Checklist 11/23/2018

 11/23/2018 Fed

 Married working, W2, INT, Unemployment, rent, use tax
 FAM-03 Gallo  11/23/2018  11/23/2018  NJ Checklist 11/23/2018

 11/28/2018 Fed
 Single student dependent on parents, W2, INT
 FAM-04 McCook 11/23/2018 11/23/2018  NJ Checklist 11/23/2018 11/23/2018 Fed Married retired w/dependent, SS, 1099-R, DIV, homeowners

 FAM-05 Rosemont 11/23/2018 11/23/2018 NJ Checklist 11/23/2018 11/23/2018 Fed Married, not living with spouse, W2, Unemployment, rent

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