Training Exercises

These TY2018 practice problems are hosted on's Student page.

Familiarization Exercises 
A set of  introductory, simple problems to help new Preparers get comfortable with TaxSlayer are found HERE.

FAM-00 Brown        -- Introduces major TSO functions, used in beginner's class
FAM-01 Dickerson  -- Single, W2, INT, Rent
FAM-02 Conway     -- Married working, W2, INT, Unemployment, rent, use tax
FAM-03 Gallo          -- 
Single student dependent on parents, W2, INT
FAM-04 McCook     -- 
Married retired w/dependent, SS, 1099-R, DIV, homeowners
FAM-05 Rosemont  -- 
Married, not living with spouse, W2, Unemployment, rent

Core Training Exercises 
Typical problems seen by volunteer preparers covering core Federal and NJ topics are found HERE.

   EX-01 Andrews      -- Single Working Taxpayer
   EX-02 Baker          -- Single Working Parent
   EX-03 Caldwell      -- Young Married Couple
   EX-04 Davenport   -- Senior Married Couple

Focused Exercises 
A set of problems that focus on specific tax topics for Federal and NJ are found HERE. (Not yet available)

   FE-01 Adams       -- Basic Income
   FE-02 Baldwin     -- Self-employment
   FE-03 Chambers -- Retirement Income
   FE-04 Davis        -- Investment Income
   FE-05 Elliot         -- Itemized Deductions and Education Benefit