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TaxSlayer Practice Lab

Use the generic password: TRAINPROWEB


1. How to create a Practice Lab Account?

You'll need to create a new account if you are new to the program, or have changed your e-mail. You can only have one Practice Lab account associated with an e-mail. If you forgot your Practice Lab ID or Password, click on the appropriate links on the Practice Lab login screen.

Please refer to the TaxSlayer document Using the Practice Lab for details.

2. Review TaxSlayer Training Videos in Practice Lab.

Once logged into the Practice Lab, the first screen contains a complete set of training videos which now work on all browsers.

Listen to all the videos in Section 4: Preparing a Return. These videos have been updated for TY 2018 and will step you through all facets of preparing a return. Highly recommended as a learning tool and a refresher.

3. Practice, practice, practice.

  • The NTTC Workbook is available on the Volunteer Portal for download. A printed copy is usually available by December.

  • TaxPrep4Free Student Page offers Familiarization, Core, and Focused Exercises covering Federal and NJ State problems.

  • Our Training Exercises Page now refers directly to Familiarization, Core and Focused exercises found on the TaxPrep4Free website

Reference Manuals:

Pro-Online User Guide: For Counselors, EROs and Administrators - TY 2019

Note: TaxSlayer provides a number of very useful videos from the Practice Lab's initial menu.